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This author discovered long time ago a small simple Graphics program first used in the days of Windows 3.1

To this author, the word "Graphics" means images, pictures, photos, and photographs using the format of BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF etc i.e. the file extension name. (AND there are other Formats)

I ran across the program "LView" years ago and started using it to do all the images on the web pages I do and as of now I can't run my computer with out it.

LView will pop on the screen immediately and what you see is what you got meaning you see the actual size of the image and you can cut, copy, crop, resize, rotate, flip or flop, and add text to pictures very very easily and very very simply.

A problem has been that the original version of LView was for Windows 3.1 and while it would run on Windows 95 and 98 it would not run with Windows XP -- I am very fond of LView and can hardly do a web page with out it.

Because of that, I have been forced to stay with Windows 98 simple because I needed to use LView to resize and crop the images for use on the web pages. Compared to LView all other Graphic programs are awkward clumsy, and a pain in the butt.

Now let it be known that several new version of LView came out and I even purchased the latest version but, they ruined the original LView program by making it just like all the other damn graphic programs.

The original is a down and dirty simple little program that shows you what you got and you can figure it all out in a New York minute.

But, whoa is me because it will not run on Windows XP.

I knew there had been other version of LView in between the original and the current version which I don't care for and one night about 6 months ago I was Google searching the internet for LView hoping to find other versions and perhaps one that would run with XP and low and behold I did just that.

Anyone wanting a simple to use image program may download a copy by Clicking:..  HERE  and going to the bottom of the page.

Please understand this program is SHAREWARE meaning that it is absolutely free with in certain limitations.

If you want this program I would suggest prior to going to the site that you create a new folder on your C:\ Drive simply named LVIEW and then when you download or save the program file to your hard drive, save it to this LVIEW Folder.

After downloading, Click on START, Click on RUN, Click on BROWSE and go to the LVIEW Folder and select LVIEW.EXE and then Click on OPEN and then Click on OK. When LVIEW runs it will extract 8 files and one of those will be the executable file named "LVIEWP1B.EXE" which loads the program.

To put an Icon on the Desktop to run LView with, Load the program Windows Explorer and browse to the LVIEW Folder and RIGHT Click on the file named "LVIEWP1B.EXE", after RIGHT Clicking a window will pop up and select "Send To Desktop" which creates a ShortCut Icon on the DeskTop.

That is all that is necessary and you should find LView to become a valuable tool to add to the enjoyment of running your computer.

Not a day goes by that I don't use LView in one form or another and there are many tricks that I use LView for which I will cover in another web page.

Let me also say that the first versions of LView are not high powered do it all graphic programs because they do not do a lot of things other programs do. But, when it comes to reseizing, cutting, cropping and chopping up images I reach for LView every time.

The current version of LView PRO is an all encompassing Graphic program and it can be reviewed by Clicking:...  HERE

LView is setup to be default graphic program which means when I click on an image for viewing when in Windows Explorer or other programs it is LView that opens and displays the image.

Have a Questions regarding LView - Ask The Head Dunce by Clicking:...  HERE

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