Extra Folders and Stowing E-Mail using Outlook Express

In most cases, Your Outlook Express email Screen should look similar to the one below.
The above image is intended to show all of a typical User's Outlook Express Screen. The other images will use only the section of the screen pertaining to the subject window, The above image will require scrolling to the right because it is 800 pixels wide. All others I was able to avoid scrolling.
Although this is about stowing email, I will take the opportunity to tell you that you don't need to live with all the options provided relative to the column arrangement. As shown by the above image, I prefer my email to be lined up by first the author and then the subject and then the date. To change the column location simply drag them to different locations by grabbing the title bar. I also don't use all the little flag tags and they may be changed by RIGHT clicking the mouse on any flag and then selecting which flags you desire to use from the screen which will pop up. For example, I don't have any priority mail so why take up the screen space by having that flag displayed. I use only the paper clip which indicates an attachment and the flag showing unread mail.
To create a folder for stowing incoming email messages, RIGHT click on the INBOX folder located in the pane on the left side and the small window shown will pop up and you LEFT click on "New Folder" and you will get the window below.

NOTE:...  All of these steps can also be accomplished by using the FILE and EDIT Menus at the top of the screen in Outlook Express. This is being explained using the short cut method only.

At the above window, in the small box, name the new Folder anything you desire and LEFT click on "OK" and observe that you have created a new Sub-Folder to the INBOX Folder.

Take note also that at this window you can select other Folders to create Sub-Folders too.

You may note that I have named MY new Folder 06-07 and that is because my system is:.....  I create a stowage folder for each month of the year and 06-07 stands for the year 2006 and the month of July. Using the year first keeps the folders lined up or stacked in the order which the months and years occur.

At the end of each month, I delete all non-essential mail and then move all that months mail into the stowage folder named for that month.

The email which I consider special such as all the Pirate Chat Line messages which are going to get archived, I save those to Folders with different names and not necessarily by the month.

Normally, I keep my email sorted by date in a descending order so that the newest email is at the top of the stack. It matters not how the Users sorts their mail but, in this case the mail requires sorting by date and that is accomplished by LEFT clicking on the date column as shown in the above image and in this case the mail is sorted ascending by date. Double clicking the date column reverses the ascending and descending order as indicated by the small arrow on the Received or date bar.
After sorting the messages by date, highlight the top message and then move the mouse cursor to the last message your going to move and while holding the SHIFT key down LEFT click the mouse on the last message. Using the SHIFT key is one of the better and quickest ways to select a group of files that are all together.

After selecting the messages to be moved, position the mouse cursor any place in the highlighted area and RIGHT click the mouse. RIGHT clicking the mouse opens the window below.

In this case we have selected all the messages for the month of March - Don't forget Folks, I DO NOT use Outlook Express except for testing and this is not my normal looking email - I used what I had to show you these examples.

At this window select the "Move to Folder:..." and LEFT click the mouse which opens the window below.
Inside this window, select the Folder to which the messages are to be moved by LEFT clicking the mouse on the desired Folder. After selecting the desired Folder, LEFT click the mouse on "OK"

Take Note that there have been monthly Folders created through the month of July.

Note for NEW Users:..   A plus (+) sign beside a Folded name indicates Sub-Folders and they can be reached by LEFT clicking the Mouse on the Plus (+) sign. Clicking on a minus (-) sign beside a Folder name will hide the Sub-Folders.

After clicking on "OK" the messages will disappear and the screen will look like the above.
By highlighting the 06-03 Folder in the left pane, all the March incoming messages may now be seen in the right pane as shown above.
Stowing and Saving your SENT messages is accomplished in the exact same manner using the same procedure as reflected in the above screen.
"The End"  -  Extra Folders and Stowing E-Mail in Outlook Express
"A Few Comments"
Each of us have our own way of doing things, some of us keep lots of things we don't need, while others throw most everything out.

I happen to be one who never throws anything away and my email messages are no different except I do make an effort to discard all the junk stuff and most of the meanless messages.

With that said, Here is my method of handling mail beyond the way I just explained with the above examples.

All during the year, I do exactly as was explained above and put the incoming and outgoing message into a separate Folder for each month.

The email USER is called different things in different Mail Programs, In Outlook Express it is called "Identities", In AOL it is called, "Screen Names" and in the email Program I use it is called "Profile"

For this year my Profile name is "RAY-2008"

At the end of the year I will create a new Profile and it will be "RAY-2009"

This method allows me to always keep last years mail and have a fresh uncluttered new folder setup each year.

With this system or method, I can always go back to the preceding years Profile or Identity as it may be and review my email messages.

AND Believe, me I have only recently had to go back to some 2003 email but, there it was safe and sound under my RAY-2003 Profile and just last night I was into last years mail looking for an item.

Profiles or User Identities can also be backed up to a CD if desired and the original deleted from the Hard Drive.

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