The 1960 Military Jeep GranPa purchased in 1982 while building the Quail Haven Sub-Division
You Grand Kids should remember going riding many times in this Jeep when you were real little

One year for Thanksgiving we had dinner at Debbies and I took all you grand kids on a jeep ride in the woods off of Highway 405. Every so often I was marking our trail into the woods by tying red surveyors ribbon on to the trees so we could find our way back out. What I didn't know was, Little Jordon who was riding in the back was pulling the ribbons off the trees as we drove off and when we headed back out, "NO Ribbons" AND, we did have trouble finding our way out because we could not find the trail we took going in. Only because GranPa had looked at the sun when we went in did I know which direction to go to get us back to the highway. but, it took a while and started getting dark while we tried to find an opening to the highway. Finally we did, much to the relief of GranPa because I could just see us all spending the night in the woods and your Mommies and Daddies ready to shoot GranPa.
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