The Rod & Tubing Machine parked beside our house in Lueders, Texas - This picture was made after the Rod & Tubing Machine had been back to the factory four times which also happens to be the last time.   1st was to mount the 2nd drum around 1939.  2nd was to change the machine over to the 1941 Ford Truck.  3rd to change over to the GMC 6 X 6 Army Truck which occurred around 1946.  4th was in 1950 when the Cable Tool Spudder Attachment was added.
Note:...  The doubled wheel trailer which was 1st the Cable Spool Trailer and then 2nd the Camper Trailer and 3rd as shown when it was rigged to haul the Cable Tools -- Also shown on the trailer is a little clothes change house built by Rockwell Bros Lumber Yard in Lueders, Texas according to how my father told them to build it.
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