NO.  1 - Represents the storm cellar located about 75 feet south of the building and directly in front of the schools south entrance The cellar was about 25 feet long by 8 feet wide with door on east end as I tried to indicate. I will have some stories on the cellar later because our family and others used it many a night since tornadoes were a dread at the time.

N0.  2 - Out in front of the cellar and was two swing sets and a merry go round which is indicated by the two small rectangles and a circle.

NO.  3 - At the top of the square and you can see the round water cistern which was the schools water supply.

NO.  4 - Is the south porch area and you entered into a coat room which had a door to the west class room..

NO.  5 - Represent the coat room which sit between the west and east class rooms and above the coat room there was school bell with a rope hanging down in the coat room to ring the bell.

NO.  6 & 7 represents the two class rooms, west side was the lower grades and east side was the upper grades.

NO.  8 - Is the auditorium area. Note: Roof color difference due to the addition being added.

NO.  9 - Is the stage area.

NO. 10 - Is the basement area which was the school kitchen and lunch room area.

On the west side and directly outside the west class room about 20 feet away was a two room out house one side for boys and one side for girls.

A difference in the roof color is noticeable and that is because around 1938 or 39 they increased the size of the auditorium and added the basement which was under the stage area of the auditorium. Smart idea because it required less digging.

Prior to the addition the north room was not much more that just a meeting room.

About directly behind the north addition and back aways was a small house which is where the teaching couple lived.

Also in the north west corner of the school ground stood a small house which is where Vinton and Audey Faye Latimer lived whose son Wayne went to Post Oak and was Lueders graduate Class of 52. His younger brother Mike didn't go to school yet but, he played with us every recess period.

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